Why I Play Women’s Tackle Football: DE Elisha Edlen

We took a few moments to talk with an incredible athlete on our team, Elisha Edlen. Elisha has been with the Majestics for 6 years now, and plays defensive end & running back.

If you ever join us for practice, you’ll spot her from afar doing ladder & footwork drills in a ninja turtle themed tee almost an hour before practice even begins. She’s a natural talent on our team, and incredibly passionate about the game of football.

We wanted you to hear directly from Elisha on why she loves the game.

Elisha, why do you play women’s tackle football?

I play football to show that women can play a male-dominated sport and play it at the highest level with the same intensity.

I play because when I was younger I was told I couldn’t play because I was girl.

I play because suiting up and stepping onto the football field makes me feel alive and is the biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever felt.

And most of all, I play because I love this game!

The competitiveness, the aggression, the physicality, the camaraderie, the passion, the drive, the commitment, the constant grind — this game has shown me discipline and keeps me grounded.


If I could have anyone come watch me play it would be my grandpa. I lost my grandpa very suddenly a little over a year ago and would give anything for him to be at one more game.DE-Elisha-Edlen-female-with-grandpa

The games he was at he said he loved watching the running backs. Running back is my secondary position, but he was never able to see me run the ball.

Why did you pick your number?

Well, I grew up repping number 10, but during my rookie year, three or four other people wanted the number “10” also. The number “4” was my second choice, but because of my position I wasn’t able to have “4,” so I added another “4” and landed on “44”.

Do you prefer offense or defense?

I like playing running back and there’s definitely certain finesse to it, but my passion is in playing defensive end. Defense is all about reading and reacting, it’s all instincts.

You have seconds to read the formation and then calculate the odds of what play they’re gonna run out of said formation.

Then you have a fraction of a second to read how the offensive lineman in front of you is blocking and react accordingly. Plus… I get to hit people.


We’re sure you can see the heart and passion that Elisha brings to the team, and we hope you’ll come out to see her and the Majestics play at our first home opener on April 8 at French Field in Kent, WA.

You can buy season tickets here (4 tickets for $40) or single game tickets ($12 each) here.

Can’t make it to the first game but still want to help? We are actively accepting sponsors and donations at any time online.

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