What’s in your Gameday Bag?

It’s Gameday: What’s in your bag?

One thing that stands out that’s in every player’s gameday bag this season is this: the Clarisonic MiaFit.

Anyone who’s ever worn a helmet and chinstrap knows that it does terrible things to your skin. The trapped heat, sweat, and dirt can cause negative impacts on your skin, often in the form of acne. The Clarisonic MiaFit is the perfect solution, as it’s lightweight, super small, waterproof, and most importantly, soft!

Kiki Williams washes her face with the Clarisonic MiaFit as a part of her gameday routine

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we love Clarisonic for another reason too: being a Seattle Majestics’ sponsor.

Why do we need sponsors?

Crosscut released a feature on the Seattle Majestics and Women’s Football this week and it dives into the sacrifices our players make, as well as what our players gain from playing women’s pro football.

“We win a lot and we do a good job. We have a fan base that really loves us. But there are challenges, like we play in Kent, and it’s women’s athletics, so it’s hard to get press. People don’t quite get it.” -Rebecca Samuelson, DE – Seattle Majestics

People don’t quite get it. But Clarisonic does.

So here’s a shoutout and sincere thanks to Clarisonic, who’s impacted our team in a big way this season.

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