Welcome Our New Voice of the Majestics: Alan LaPine!

We’d like to introduce you this year to our new announcer and the Voice of the Majestics, Alan LaPine! Alan brings a wealth of experience as a professional voice actor and coach for both baseball and football locally. He was also the announcer for the Renton Rangers Jr. football program.

So Alan, why the Majestics?football-announcer-studio-pic

For the love of the game. Listening to Dave Niehaus (Ms), Bob Rondo (Dawgs), or Pete Gross (Hawks) as a kid growing up, those were my idols as much as the players of the time. They expressed the passion and the comradery the players had for their sport but more importantly, one another. A team is a family and I’m honored to be a part of the Majestics family. Together, one voice is hard to be overheard, and I’m thankful the Majestics will let me be theirs. And I will continue to shout from mountain tops about this fantastic organization, this wonderful team and, this amazing league.

What are you most looking forward to this season?football-announcer-studio-pic

If I had to select one thing I would say it’s watching these players fly around the field. I have been out to a couple of practices so far and this team is really quick. From interior line to skill positions; this teams speed is amazing. Aside from that, I most look forward to getting to know everyone. Players, staff, friends and family alike.

Want to get in touch with Alan?

You can reach Alan at AlanLaPine@MasterfulVoices.com or by visiting his website.