Sponsorship Highlight: Nelson Construction

Sponsorship Highlight: Nelson Construction

We wanted to write a blog post to personally thank our newest sponsor, Nelson Construction, as they have agreed to support us this season. So first things first, let’s talk about sponsors.

Why do we need sponsors and why are they critical to our team?

If you missed it, check out a great piece by The Nation about our team, “For Female Football Players, It’s Pay to Play (and Pray Someone Sees)”. Our players pay to play, and oftentimes this means $800 and up for player dues. These dues cover field costs, travel costs, web hosting, referee fees, and the like. This does not include players’ pads, helmets, or even medical costs.

As you can imagine, the costs get to be daunting. Add in a full time job, as well as other activities such as nonprofit boards and being a mom, and you start to picture the financial struggles of playing women’s tackle football. 

We asked Nelson Construction why they decided to become a sponsor for us. President Skip Frederick said it came down to supporting his employees.

“My daughter is one of the players on the team and also a key employee to my business. I appreciate the work all my employees do, so I try to help them in any way possible with their extra goals. I’m also looking forward to seeing some exciting football, lady style!”

Skip also said he simply was a big fan of football. He “loves to watch a good football game any time he can.” And that is exactly what our Majestics provide! Fun games, a fun atmosphere, and great football.

As for Nelson Construction, Inc., they are a General Contractor that specializes in metal stud framing, insulation, drywall and interior finishes of many types of the commercial and industrial buildings in our community. Located in Auburn, WA, they try to support and sponsor a few different local events every year. They’re happy and excited to see how things go with the team this 2016 season.

Feel free to express your gratitude for Nelson Construction by commenting on our Facebook post. And from us to you, Skip, a sincere thanks. 

Does your company want to become a sponsor of the Seattle Majestics? Input your email and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Interested in supporting the team as an individual instead of a business? Check out our Fundraising page for more information.