Why Sponsor the Seattle Majestics?

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Seattle Majestics are responsible for raising 100% percent of their operating budget through ticket sales, fundraising, player fees, donations, and sponsorship packages from generous supporters. Our operating budget covers the cost of coaches, uniforms, equipment, field space, referees, and travel expenses. In order to stay competitive in the league each year we must raise over $75,000.

While we have traditionally had a handful of generous sponsors to help offset a portion of the operating expenses, each player still spends over $1,000 out of pocket every season. Unfortunately, we lose amazing athletes every year because they do not have the funds to cover the cost. Our goal this season is to find enough sponsors to help bring the costs down so players can focus on improving their game rather than funding their season. By becoming a sponsor you can help the Seattle Majestics expand the opportunity for women to play elite tackle football while associating your brand locally, across the northwest, and nationally with our high quality organization.

We believe sponsors are extremely important to the feasibility and viability of our organization. The involvement as a sponsor helps make the game of tackle football a reality for the 50 women who seek the opportunity to play at the elite level. With the aid of sponsors, women not only have the opportunity to play football, but they become well-rounded individuals through an environment that fosters and supports integrity, respect, accountability, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and character building.

If you choose to become a sponsor, the Seattle Majestics’ goal is to provide recognition in the very best way possible. That means taking a year round approach. The Seattle Majestics are happy to talk with you about developing a custom package that best suits your needs and budget while providing your organization with maximum exposure to the Seattle Majestics fan base and the greater community.

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