Fundraising is key to the success of the Seattle Majestics program. We rely heavily on our fans and community supporters to help cover the costs of field rentals, uniforms, equipment, gameday staff and more. We couldn’t do it without you and we greatly appreciate your support.

How can you help?

Season Tickets

Purchase Season Tickets on behalf of your favorite player. Each season ticket purchase made in a player’s name will go directly to their player’s fees, which cover field rentals, uniforms, travel, etc. Just pick your favorite player from the roster and purchase season tickets from their player page. You can also buy season tickets from the team that will go to the general team fund.


Occasionally, we host events to raise money for the team. You can receive information about them by checking by on our website and subscribing to the email list below. Information about currently scheduled events can be found here. If you’re interested in doing an event with the Majestics, please email

Amazon Smile

Use our Amazon Smile link when you do your Christmas shopping. A portion of the proceeds for your purchases will go to The Seattle Majestics.

Sponsor the Team

Sponsor the Seattle Majestics!We rely on a lot of support from our fans and local businesses to have a successful season. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

Tax-Deductible Donation

Make a $10 (or more) tax-deductible donation to the Majestics. The Seattle Majestics are a non-profit 501c3 organization and can accept donations.


Flocking is a fun way to raise money for the Majestics and play a prank on your friends.

Subscribe to our Email List

We will have other fundraising opportunities to announce very soon! If you’d like to hear about them first, please subscribe to our email list. We promise not to spam you.