LeCharles Bentley Offensive Line Performance: Coaches Seminar

Over the weekend, Right Tackle Edwina Brown went to the L. Bentley Offensive Line Performance Seminar in Phoenix, AZ, held by retired NFL player, LeCharles Bentley. The seminar was focused on giving offensive linemen extra tips, and our Director of Marketing and Defensive End, Rebecca Samuelson, helped Edwina swing a spot!

If you don’t know Edwina personally, check out our spotlight on her, one that Earl Thomas himself tweeted about and posted on Facebook.

We chatted with Edwina to talk about her biggest moments over the weekend and what she learned.

What was the most fulfilling part of the weekend?

I was the ONLY woman at this event. The first female player within the US to attend and the first woman to attend this Seminar.

I was NOT treated as a woman. I was NOT treated as “she might be dainty, weak, or not know the game.” I was treated as a player. As an athlete. And that was the best part for me.

I ate lunch with coaches who have been doing this for as long as I have been alive, and we talked about football. The NFL. The WFA. Dreams, goals, aspirations. Anything the men did, I did… which included moving around a 350 lb. sled.

What did you learn throughout the weekend?

I learned SO SO much! This is my second year playing, and I have learned a lot from Coach Matt and Head Coach Scott, but my knowledge was taken to a new level here. And I am so excited to start applying it to the field.


What was your favorite moment of the weekend?

The second day as we went to lunch, Coach Bentley pulled me aside and offered me some one-on-one coaching.

He taught me basic movements to improve my stance, like opening my hips better when I have to pull and how to really move with intent and violence.

Then when we came back from lunch, we demonstrated my new stance to the rest of the Coaches, along with his patented “Handbar”.

Here he put his full weight and force against me, which I was able to hold… while I had Free Agent CJ Davis making sure my stance was correct from the ground up. Feet were proper, knee was proper, muscles engaged and firing off.

Never in my life would I expect to have a moment like this in my life, but to be working with a former NFL player and an active NFL Guard in the League, was truly a beautiful moment for me.

What other takeaways did you get from the weekend and from LeCharles Bentley?

As a player, this game is my life. Football is who I am. Inside and out. There was an amazing moment when my heart was pumping a little bit faster when I walked into his facilities.

I consider this the Mecca of the Linemen world. One side is turf to bring out what you learn to the field. The other side is all weights. He has cold tubs, a chiropractor office, and best of all, a living room. A place where players get comfortable and hang out. He truly incorporates the family vibe into his training.

This was an experience that will stay with me forever. It was a chance for me to truly get out of my normal comfort zone and get my hands dirty. To really understand the game and learn it from the professionals. As a woman in this game, it was worth pure gold.

If you are not following LeCharles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, you are missing out on a plethora of information that is out there to be learned. As LeCharles states himself, this information, “It’s FREE.99!”


From our organization to you, LeCharles, a sincere thanks for having Edwina and teaching her so much that she has already brought to practice!

We are absolutely thrilled to be seeing the immediate effects already, and we 100% believe every offensive lineman and coach should try to attend!