For Female Football Players, It’s Pay to Play (and Pray Someone Sees)

The Seattle Majestics were featured in an article on The Nation today.

On a drizzling day last winter, Rebecca Samuelson drove from her job at Redfin, a technology startup in Seattle, about an hour south to a high-school football field in the city of Kent. When she arrived, it had already been dark for at least an hour. She quickly changed and headed out to the field to practice alongside the other 30-some members of the Seattle Majestics, a full-contact, 11-on-11 women’s football team. There, she and the rest of the Majestics ran drills, practiced plays, and otherwise prepared for their season, which takes place each spring. She got home around 10:30 or 11 pm, sore and bleeding, and went to bed, mentally preparing to face not only another full day at the office, but also the gym, practice, fundraisers, and any other team-required activities the next day.

And she paid for the pleasure to do so.

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