Why I Coach Women’s Pro Tackle Football: Head Coach Scott McCarron

You’ve already heard from our players and why they play the game, from us, from our partners at espnW, The Nation, and now Crosscut (who recently created one of the best articles the sport of women’s football has seen).

But what about our coaches? What motivates them to coach women’s football?

Here’s our behind-the-scenes interview with Head Coach Scott McCarron.


For me, it’s because I love the game of football so much. I want the women to see the passion and love I have for it, get energized about it the same way I do, and hopefully have that translate in their play on the field.

I love coaching and teaching the game to players that are so excited to soak up every little bit of info they can. Sometimes, it can be a balancing act between giving too much information or giving too little, but the hunger these women show to learn the game is what motivates me to continue coaching them.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?  

In terms of what I love the most about coaching, it’s the chess match of the game itself. Being able to show players the nuances about the game that make it so great. But, it’s also the relationships you build with those players and the family-type relationships I have with the coaching staff that are the coolest part about it.

Seeing players develop so quickly over a short period of time and seeing our young coaches grow into leaders of their own is another great part about the job. It’s really special to be a part of this.

Seeing players develop so quickly…and seeing our young coaches grow into leaders… It’s really special to be a part of this.


What do you see for the future of women’s football?

What’s great about the development of the game is that people around the local area are starting to take notice of us as an organization. We’re seeing it more nationally as well with the Women’s World Football Games having taken place down in New Orleans at the Saints facility this year. 

We aren’t far from these players being paid and games being broadcast regularly. It’s going to take people motivated to do it for the right reasons, but we are at a very powerful moment in this sport, and the needle is pointing up.

How have you evolved as a coach?

When I first started coaching football I really didn’t know much about the game. I thought I did, but it involved more screaming and yelling versus actually coaching. Ha ha ha!

Now, I’ve become a student of the game and understand that my role is as a teacher to our players and staff. I allow our players to not be afraid to make mistakes because they know I will stick by them and use those moments as teaching moments.

I’ve also had to learn how to teach in different ways. Some players want me to yell at them, some need me to pull them aside and explain the why’s, and some are visual learners.

It’s finding ways to do all 3 things at one time so that we create the best learning environment for our players.


Our next game is this Saturday, May 7, away against the Everett Reign at Everett Memorial Stadium (7621 Beverly Ln, Everett, WA). The next home game is our final regular season game on June 4 against the Portland Fighting Shockwave.

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